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Improve Productivity with Microsoft office 365 migration services and Solutions

Flatworld EDGE, a reputed development company, offers consistent Microsoft Office 365 integrating and migration solutions. Our proven tools have helped enterprises with world-class solutions for Office 365 deployment and have encouraged companies to migrate to Microsoft Office 365. Office 365 migration solutions have rapidly and cost-effectively transformed the vogue of intuitive collaboration capabilities and have tried to meet industry-specific needs in the cloud environment.

Moving to Office 365 comes with its own set of challenges. We have handled each of the challenges with great success. We have helped our clients migrate email to office 365, move from g suite to office 365, google g suite migration to office 365, migrate outlook to office 365, migrate SharePoint to office 365, migrate exchange 2010 to office 365 etc. Besides, as expert office 365 implementation partners, we also specialize in hybrid migration office 365 and office 365 cloud migration.

office 365 migration setup and support
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Why Migrate to Office 365?

  • Optimized infrastructure for office 365

    Make Your Business More Agile

    Going global entails huge challenges for IT departments. Office 365 ensures quick scaling up (or down) as business needs change with expansion. Office 365 setup helps a business to easily adjust to the number of licenses a business needs for core productivity, communication and collaboration without burdening the IT department.

  • Facilitated support and maintenance

    Boost Employee Productivity

    Office 365 integration guarantees improved productivity by providing employees easy access to Office applications and tools on a range of mobile devices. As a result, employees can work from wherever they want and with device of their choice. Therefore, Office 365 helps employees get things done faster, as well as reinvent the ways to get them done.

  • Extended collaboration capabilities

    Improve Organizational Communication

    Office 365 comes with a range of tools some of which include SharePoint Online, Exchange Online, Yammer, Skype for Business, Office Groups, Office Video, OneDrive for Business, and so on. All these together help in improving communication flows and developing a collaborative environment for seamlessly sharing of files and ideas between departments, teams, and devices.

  • Connected cloud environment

    Gain Control Over Costs

    Our integration services ensure cost-effective implementation that drives optimal resource utilization and planning across the enterprise.

office 365 migration consulting

Microsoft Office 365 migration Services by FlatworldEDGE

Microsoft Office 365 Migration Services by FlatworldEDGE
Office 365 migration solutions

Office 365 migration Solutions

Our end-to-end expertise in office 365 implementation and our continued post-Office 365 migration support makes us a trusted office 365 implementation partner.
Migration Process with Office 365

Our Migration Process with Office 365

Our Office 365 migration experts conduct a detailed analysis of your existing systems to identify different processes and areas of operations that are lagging behind and preventing you from functioning at peak performance. We also isolate and remove any unnecessary elements from your current system.
02Migration to
Office 365
After a thorough assessment of your requirements, we carefully plan and execute your Office 365 migration. We map your existing systems to determine how your data can be moved with minimal downtime or data loss involved. We then ensure that the migration process will have zero impact on your user's current functions and their ability to access their applications.
03Business Application
Our specialists then integrate the migrated applications with other applications regardless of whether they are in the cloud or on-premises. This integration enables more secure collaboration between different software and systems like CRM, BI, and ERP, among others. Content management is centralized, and business processes are enhanced as a result.
We train your business users and IT employees on how to manage the suite of productivity applications effectively across all devices. We provide additional training on how to use the new features to improve your team's efficiencies and further innovate your enterprises' workflows, while also supporting higher user adoption of the Office 365 solution.
We conclude by performing a full-scale testing of the productivity suite's service functionality in its new environment according to the deployment complexities of your enterprise. Our experts will also assign Office 365 subscription licenses to your users, without which users might encounter difficulties in navigating the full functionality of your Office 365 plan. This makes our Office 365 migration support comprehensive.

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    Best Applications
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Types of Office 365 Migration

staged office 365 migration

Staged Office 365 Migration - Staged Migration – suitable for large deployments with a range of custom solutions, here the Office 365 migration process is split into stages, and solutions and contents are migrated in batches.

DirSync and Single Sign-On

DirSync and Single Sign-On - DirSync and Single Sign-On (SSO) – companies that want to retain absolute control over Office 365 users will prefer this model as Active Directories stay on the premises with all the data migrating to the cloud.

Hybrid Migration of Office 365

Hybrid Migration of Office 365 – Hybrid Migration – apt for companies that don't want a total move to the cloud because of compliance requirements or company policy. The migrated data and services are split between cloud deployment and on premises, so that employees can work comfortably on both environments.

Cutover migration

Cutover Migration Cutover Migration – suitable method for small deployment without bulk data involved, allowing the Migration and movement of features, functionalities, data, and mailboxes, all in one go. The least complex migration approach ensures retention of control, data, and services without bifurcation into definite stages.

Industries We Served

We have served companies across industry verticals. Some of the industries include:

  • Healthcare
  • Education
  • Engineering
  • Automotive
  • Government
  • Insurance
  • Financial
  • Energy
  • Real Estate
  • Retail Technology
  • Transportation
  • Manufacturing
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Why Should You Choose Flatworld EDGE for Outsourcing Microsoft Office 365 development services?

As global Office 365 development solutions providers, we have provided comprehensive services from industry-leading development expertise. Our developers are even certified and can leverage the full power of Office 365 to precisely cater to Microsoft Office 365 migration services and support on a time-to-time basis.


White Glove Treatment

As moving to office 365 entails many challenges, we have developed a white glove approach to move content into office 365 from any source. Our value-added services include assisting you select the most valuable content for migration, and restructure and enrich it based on user requirements.


Well-Defined Processes

We follow a well-defined and checklist-based process to ensure successful Office 365 migration. Our migration strategy considers the end-to-end process from planning to configuration, post-migration support and training. It's because of this meticulous approach that we can provide you with the best possible services.


Tier 1 Microsoft Office 365 Partner

Our Microsoft-certified team is adroit in resolving complex issues of large-scale enterprises and hence suited for all kinds of MS Office requirements.


Extensive Experience

Having provided Microsoft Office 365 migration consulting services from SharePoint and all email systems - Exchange, IMAP, POP3, GroupWise, G Suite, Lotus Notes, Kerio, and more, we have the deep experience needed to understand your requirements perfectly and find the best fit solution for you.


Security and Reliability

We back our services with strict SLAs and incorporate stringent security measures to guarantee data integrity with only access restricted to authorized personnel.


Bundled Services

We offer multiple product integrations and a single sign-on for the entire stack of Office 365 migration services. This makes our service cost-effective, seamless and structured. Additionally, you spend less on internal or external resources, thereby saving hugely on migration costs.

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FAQ's on Office 365 Migration

office 365 frequently asking question
Organization are opting to migrate from exchange to Office 365 to make their business more flexible and scalable, improve work force collaboration, enhance productivity, stay up to date with technology and gain complete control over costs. Also, Office 365 is allowing organizations to decommission their inhouse infrastructure.
FlatworldEDGE specializes in different types of Office 365 migrations. These include Office 365 staged migrations, Office 365 cutover migration, Office 365 hybrid migrations, Office 365 IMAP migrations. Besides, we also specialize in Office 365 third-party migrations using tools.
Yes, this is possible in Office 365. You can set up your email address by adding your own domain name for the emails in Office 365. Further you can add multiple domains and sub-domains to Office 365.
We have completed hundreds of migrations from different email platforms. Some of these include POP3/IMAP, G Suite, Exchange, Yahoo Mail, SharePoint, Lotus Notes, AWS Workmail, Kerio, Groupwise, Mozilla, Zimbra, Thunderbird etc.
Yes. Migrations from IMAP to office 365 is possible. We at FlatworldEDGE ensure this without downtime or data loss.

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